# W.E Shortboards

Here at surfboards UK we make a great range of shortboards everything from super lightweight high performance thrusters to bigger fat boy flyers.

All the boards are made to withstand the most powerful swells. W.E shapes boards for all abilities with any tail options available. Just call up or pop by for a chat and get a board made to suit your individual needs.

Any finishes and sprays are available on our boards, feel free to email designs or pop by to discuss options. If you can imagine it we can spray it.

Range 58 610

Prices from £ 330

Image of W.E surfboard shaping

# Pro Standard Shortboard

Image of Pro Standard Shortboard

Pro standard high performance short boards. Super responsive, fast down the line and highly manoeuvrable.

# Hybrid Shortboard

Image of Pro Hybrid Shortboard

Slightly wider all round giving you the feel of a pro short board with added planning area and volume. Making the most of those sloppy summer swells.

# Semi Gun
& Gun

Image of Semi Gun

Does exactly what it says on the tin. W.E will make you one that will never let you down.

# Kids

Image of Kids Shortboard

As Will hand shapes all his boards he has a great following of under 16 surfers. Shaping mini shortboards, anything from 42 up.

# Retro Fish

Image of Retro Fish Shortboard

Inspired by the past, this is a classic design that is super fast and loads of fun to ride.

Avaiable in custom sizes, please call to discuss.