# W.E Elegance Range

This is the only range of surfboards in the UK designed especially for women developed by one of the top female surfers in the UK Marina Lee. They are super light and very easy to manoeuvre but also steady as a rock on the nose.

This range is more refined than other boards and suit a woman’s flow and style perfectly.

These boards are available with any finishes from techicolour washes to animal print sprays. Any design you can imagine is possible, just contact Marina for info on prices and techniques.

Prices from £ 440

Image of W.E surfboard shaping

# Classic Nose Rider

Image of Classic Nose Rider

This board is super smooth and easy riding, inspired by the classic shapes of the traditional noseriders of the past.

Size: 9”2 - 9”6 range

# Performance Nose Rider

Image of Performance Nose Rider

A high performance longboard combined with awesome nose riding capability. A great all rounder as it glides through the sections & stable on the nose.

Size: 9”0 - 9”4 range

# The Performer

Image of The Performer

This board can fly! Well nearly, it is the most progressive longboard in our range, super loose & super fast. Made from epoxy resin for extra strength.

Size: 9”0 - 9”2 range

#Pro Standard Shortboard

Image of Pro Standard Shortboard

Pro standard high performance short boards. Super responsive, fast down the line and highly manoeuvrable.